Pamlico Amateur Radio Club

Pamlico Amateur Radio Club, K4BCH

The Pamlico Amateur Radio Club began meeting in 1991 in the home of a charter member. Back then they just got together as friends and talked about radio, and helped each other out when they could. By 1994 the club had grown and was getting organized. Pamlico Amateur Radio Club filed all its formal paperwork to become a non-profit and to become ARRL affiliated and got active in the community working emergency shelters, VE testing, Field Days and doing some outreach with the Boy Scouts at Camp Leach. In 2006 the repeater went down and the hams of Beaufort County went silent. In 2009 a new repeater was brought online thanks to John N4VJJ and in 2011, with the help of county emergency management, it was moved to a commercial tower in Bath at 300 feet. The Pamlico Amateur Radio Club has reconstituted in enough time to celebrate a 20 year anniversary with many old members and many new. If you have interest in radio, emergency or non-emergency community service come to our next meeting and be sure to tune in to 146.955 MHz minus offset PL tone 82.5.